About the Ada County Tea Party

The Ada County Tea Party (formerly known as Tea Party Boise) is Idaho's largest and oldest tea party with its foundations in the very earliest days of the tea party movement. We took a stand then against big government, runaway spending, higher taxes, less accountability, and oppressive government interference in our daily lives; and we still stand by these principles today. We represent all of Ada County which includes Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Eagle, Star, and Kuna.

The Ada County Tea Party is working to bring about substantial changes in the State of Idaho. We support individual freedom and free market economics and we oppose socialism, cronyism, and big government in any form. We stalwartly oppose all efforts to increase the power and scope of government over individuals and businesses, and will work diligently to undo and eliminate existing regulations and taxes which stand in the way of individual liberty and business success.

The Ada County Tea Party Board:

  • Tammy Sullivan-Watson — President
  • Jim Thomas — Vice President
  • Marilyn Dent — Board Member
  • Lazar Dimitrov — Board Member
  • Barbara Knuff — Board Member
  • Paul Lennon — Board Member