Important bills which need to be heard this year! (Time is running out!)

Dear fellow Patriots & Ada County Tea Party Members,


Time to call or write a letter to your Reps, also the particular Reps listed below and the entire committee it is being held up by and not voted upon:

Education Freedom Bills (Chairman VanOrden):

  1. Repeal Common Core — Education committee chairman has the RS.
  2. Repeal the SBAC Test — Education committee chairman has the RS.
  3. Restrictions and Transparency on Data Mining for School Children and Teaches.

Gun Freedom (Chairman Loertscher):

  1. The Castle Doctrine — State Affairs chairman has the RS.

Health Freedom (Chairman Wood):

  1. Repeal the state Health Insurance Exchange — Health and Welfare committee chairman has the RS.

Government Transparency (Chairman Hartgen):

  1. Stop special pension spiking for legislator’s pension plans.

Local Government Freedom (Chairman Perry)

  1. City initiatives and referendums in all years allowed — Local committee chairman has the bill (H109).
  2. Electronic publication of public notices allowed — Local Government committee chairman has the RS.

Here is a link to a useful legislative tool. The 2017 Legislative Directory is a complete list of all legislators, their contact information, and their committees.

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Tamara Sullivan-Watson
Ada County TEA Party

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