Important West Ada School District Meeting on Tuesday – Let your voice be heard!

The following is an important message from Bob "Nugie" Neugebauer regarding the fraud and lack of transparency occurring in the West Ada School District. Please read and consider attending the West Ada School District Board Meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 13) at 5:30 PM.

Hi everyone:

West Ada School DistrictI'm not sure if any of you are getting involved with this recall battle that seems to be shaping up in the West Ada School District, but I have spent some time doing some research on this topic, and I found that the West Ada School District is one of the districts that does not comply with state transparency rules which is why no one know what was in Dr. Clarks contract. The attempt to recall the two newly elected member of the board would be a tragedy for this district. Establishment bullies have been running rip-shod over the West Ada district for way too long and it's about time we got some honest board members who want to bring transparency to the district and also some common sense. The press has tried to make this about criticism of Dr. Clark's credentials which couldn't be further from the truth. In fact this is about a bloated contract with benefits that do not belong when the district is looking at a $14 million levy in the next election. This is about a retirement bonus of $29,000 for Dr. Clark and other benefits like contributing all the monies necessary to fund her pension account. The facts are that the rescinding of her contract is only affecting the 2017/128 years. This argument is about the fact that there is no transparency in this districts $196 million budget which is the responsibility of the Superintendent. The taxpayers need to be reminded that they are the ones who are going to foot the bill for this levy. The Gem State Patriot has been doing some research on the state education budget and how the money is being spent. We have had two researchers on this and they still cannot come up with a cohesive breakdown. What we are beginning to glean is that there is a lot more money going to administration than should be and that needs to stop.

There will be a West Ada School District Board Meeting this Tuesday Oct. 13th at 5:30 PM. Here is the link with details and a map of how to get there.

I know this is short notice but if we could get some supporters for more transparency in our district we might be able to get our point across that we are tired of these continual levy's and need to get some accountability before we just vote for another $14 million in additional taxes. If you think you can attend please let me know because I can get some Transparency and No Recall Signs made up by than for those who might be interested in protesting this nonsensical recall effort of the only truly conservative board members who are fighting for the tax payers and against cronyism.

It's time to stand up to the establishment and find out just where and how our tax money is being spent, and this is an opportune time to raise the question of accountability and transparency.

— Bob "Nugie" Neugebauer

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